Assets – A Detailed Explanation

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This detailed lesson will help your child easily recognize and appreciate what assets are. More importantly, your child will begin to see just how assets can grow and understand their ability to create wealth.


8 reviews for Assets – A Detailed Explanation

  1. Diana P.

    Who knew there are so many different types of assets? My son got really excited about how his card collection can be worth a lot of money in the future!

  2. TY

    loved it so much knowledge

  3. maddy

    it’s great. really worth the purchase

  4. James & Kyla

    very informative leesson thank you

  5. Mrs Gwen

    Maxine is helping kids understand assets in such a fun and well educated way!

  6. Nadine and Paul

    Give it a try! We think it was definitely worth the purchase

  7. Zayn

    Highly recommend the course and all the other ones too

  8. Zac

    We all like the course

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