Smart with Money All-In Bundle

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The Introductory course along with all four Detailed Explanation Modules (DEMs) for a deeper understanding of money and the important terms


31 reviews for Smart with Money All-In Bundle

  1. Maya L.

    I’m so glad I found this course for my children!! My 10 y/o had so much fun completing this course and even my 7 y/o learned so much! Thank you BossDoc!!

  2. Liam Harris

    Definitely get the bundle! There is so much knowledge and value in this course that even I learned about things I didn’t know before! My 11 year old child loved learning with the Bossdoc

  3. Sadie L

    WOW! Definitely get the bundle!! So worth it

  4. Lisa and Jenny

    Get the SALE while it last! This is a great deal for so much value and knowledge this course gave my 9 year old daughter. She also loved that one of the characters has the same name as her

  5. J.M.

    LOVE IT!

  6. Kim and Jack

    we all learned so much in this course. make sure to watch and complete all of it. so much knowledge

  7. Maddi

    my child really likeed the courses and we cant wait to see whats next for the boss doc

  8. Sibongile M.

    The Courses are very interesting and engaging, me and my children learned a lot. Very interactive

  9. Mary O.

    Courses are rich in content but also very easy to understand. Perfect for my kids to understand. They also loved the certificates at the end of every course

  10. Janine

    Our children loved the content and they can easily access the courses from their iPads and Phones!

  11. Fatima I.

    Amazing, my child really loved it. Yeeessss Maxine and BossDOC!

  12. Josh

    Thank you BossDoc for the outstanding courses and knowledge. I feel really confident about my childrens money future now

  13. O.

    Loved the platform and the clean professional look. Content is to the point and explained in a very simple yet knowledgable way for everyone to udnerstand

  14. Laura

    This is one of the good websites where you can actually learn things … Thanks BossDoc

  15. Tatianna G.

    Very pleased! It’s very interactive so the kids concentrate on it during the whole video

  16. Sharon M.

    The courses are very informative and up to the expectations at a very cheap price, definitely worth it

  17. Jory

    Content is really engaging and the instructor seems to be professional and knowledgable. I would recommend

  18. Bethany

    Good course. Kids like it

  19. Bella L.

    It’s great that the BossDoc is making those courses more accessible in making it so inexpensive.

  20. Ricky L

    Great E-Learning platform!

  21. Nathalie O

    We all have learned a lot. Thank you

  22. Kyra

    As a single mother to 2 children I really appreciate all the work the BossDoc did to help teach my kids and us grown ups about money. These are very valuable lessons that everybody should be taught.

  23. Noah J.

    Good setup. Very engaging for the kids. No complaints here!

  24. Meredith

    My children took all the courses and they loved it! We hung up their certificates on the fridge and they’re so proud

  25. Madelin and Jo

    The courses are very structured and clear to follow. My child really enjoyed it and loved little Lisa! We’re excited for the next BossDoc project

  26. Debbie

    After reading all the reviews we decided we should give the BossDoc a try and were so glad we did. These are great courses and have so much knowledge in them!

  27. April and T

    Thumbs up, really enjoyed the platform and lessons

  28. Lynn and Bob

    Love that the courses are a one time purchase and do not have a monthly fee. They can always revisit the courses and even the younger siblings can use it once they’re old enough

  29. Jackie and B

    Purchased the Bundle for our grandchildren to make sure they’re set up for the future. It is so important to us that they understand money and everything that comes with it. Love the BossDoc and what she did to help our future generations

  30. Paul

    Good job with the accuracy and the knowledge in these courses

  31. Maria

    One of my friends recommended the BossDoc and I’m so happy I checked out the website. Purchased the bundle with the intro course and folks believe me it’s definitely worth your money. Why are you still hesitating?

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