Financial Literacy for Tweens and Teens

Our courses are designed to teach kids from ages 8 to 14  smart money basics that can benefit them throughout their lives.

Smart with Money with the Boss doc

An online course designed to teach kids from ages 8 to 14  the smart money basics that can benefit them throughout their lives.

Are you ready to stand up for your child’s financial literacy?

  • Teaches kids to save!

  • Encourages kids to make better $ choices.

  • Motivates kids to create a budget!

  • As fun as watching a cartoon!

 Our courses are  designed to teach kids from ages 8 to 14  smart money basics that can benefit them throughout their lives.

Easy to follow along and learn

Smart with Money has easy to follow lessons on saving, starting a budget, and much much more!

Very educative. cant wait to see what the other courses teach. my kids love different characters

Ms Kane

Very informative. Loved it. Definitely buying the other courses too

Jones Family

We all learned so much in this course. make sure to watch and complete all of it. so much knowledge

Kim and Jack

My child really liked the courses and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the boss doc


The following lessons are included in this course

Lesson One: Identifying Tendencies

Which Kid is More Like You? Watching  the stories of four different kids may help you Identify certain tendencies that your child  may have  towards  money. 


Important financial Terms and what they Mean

Debt,  assets, interest, liabilities and more. We will go over these terms so that your child can develop an understanding of them. There is a quiz at the end to test what your child has learned so far.


Lesson Two: Consumers and Budgets

Your child will  be introduced to the traits of a habitual consumer why this is bad . Your child can discover how saving and creating a budget and how it can be  vital to their  financial freedom



Lesson Three: Assets and Liabilities

Identifying assets vs liabilities, liabilities vs debt, balancing assets and liabilities  and how debt, assets and liabilities  can  be good as well as not so good. Including some assets that everyone already has, even if they don’t realize it.  Your child can see how  assets and liabilities, when used properly, can help you to build wealth.

Lesson Four: Compound Interest

Your child will have the opportunity to learn what compound interest is and  gain an appreciation  for its true power. This final lesson brings together all of the terms mentioned in the previous lessons and shows how everything works together to help you grow your net worth.

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Order today and receive two of our extended learning modules!

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1 in 5 teens lacks a basic foundation to build on for financial literacy

Source- OECD

59% of parents are uncomfortable talking to kids about money

Source- one poll

74% of teens don’t feel confident about their financial education

Source- Greenlight


Smart with Money is as fun and easy as watching a cartoon. And it includes quizzes at the end of each course so that your child can test their knowledge. And when he or she completes the course, they will receive a certificate that they can proudly hang on the wall to let everyone know that they are smart with money.

Don’t let them become habitual consumers. 

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