Online financial courses for kids ages 8-14

  • Teaches kids to save!

  • Encourages kids to make better $ choices.

  • Motivates kids to create a budget!

  • As fun as watching a cartoon!

Smart With Money is a fun online video course
that teaches kids about money

  • Our courses teach kids aged 8-14 how money really works
  • Set your child up to be financially stable
  • No matter where they are, where they come from, or where they are going! 

Level up with our addon modules

Go beyond the basics and develop an even deeper understanding of these key terms. 

  • Debt- A Detailed Explanation

  • Liabilities – A Detailed Explanation

  • Interest – A Detailed Explanation

  • Assets – A Detailed Explanation

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    Smart with Money Extended Learning Bundle

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    Smart with Money All-In Bundle


Save even more with a bundle

Go beyond the basics and develop an even deeper understanding of these key terms. 

  • Sale!

    Smart with Money Extended Learning Bundle

  • Sale!

    Smart with Money All-In Bundle


Kids are being targeted by advertisers, stalkers, and people who have no good intentions for our children. Most prominently, ads are Flooded with information designed to turn our sons and daughters into  habitual consumers.

Smart with Money is fun for your kids to follow along and includes several quizzes so they can track their progress. It’s as fun and easy as watching a cartoon! And once they have completed the course, your child will receive a certificate, and he or she should have a much better appreciation for saving, starting a budget, and learning important financial lessons that aren’t taught in school.

In today’s fast-paced world, this is MUST KNOW information for all kids everywhere!

The time Is now to start teaching kids and young adults about money and how to make smart money choices. Smart with Money is an online learning platform. We have created courses to address this pressing need… the need to start educating all kids about money early in their learning years.  

Smart with Money with the Boss Doc

Wouldn’t it be awesome if kids could learn the true value of money?

And do so in a way that’s fun and entertaining?

Well now there’s a way! Introducing Smart With Money

Created by Dr. Barbara Walker Green, these online courses guide your child through money lessons interactively and engagingly, in a way that they can understand and use to examine their own money behaviors giving them a new perspective of the effects of making poor money choices.

The following lessons are included in this course

Lesson One: Identifying Tendencies

Which Kid is More Like You? Watching  the stories of four different kids may help you Identify certain tendencies that your child  may have  towards  money. 


Important financial Terms and what they Mean

Debt,  assets, interest, liabilities and more. We will go over these terms so that your child can develop an understanding of them. There is a quiz at the end to test what your child has learned so far.


Lesson Two: Consumers and Budgets

Your child will  be introduced to the traits of a habitual consumer why this is bad . Your child can discover how saving and creating a budget and how it can be  vital to their  financial freedom



Lesson Three: Assets and Liabilities

Identifying assets vs liabilities, liabilities vs debt, balancing assets and liabilities  and how debt, assets and liabilities  can  be good as well as not so good. Including some assets that everyone already has, even if they don’t realize it.  Your child can see how  assets and liabilities, when used properly, can help you to build wealth.

Lesson Four: Compound Interest

Your child will have the opportunity to learn what compound interest is and  gain an appreciation  for its true power. This final lesson brings together all of the terms mentioned in the previous lessons and shows how everything works together to help you grow your net worth.

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