Dr. Barbara Walker Green is a native of Southern California and most recently a resident of the beautiful city of Houston Texas. Dr. Green has always been passionate about sharing the gift of knowledge that she has sought after most of her life. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in finance, a masters degree in business administration, and a doctorate in business management. It was the topic of her dissertation that took her on the journey of researching and learning with evidence backed information just how things work particularly in the world of corporate structures, pay disparities, and social and cultural ideals that our country uses to control the minds, movements, and yes, the destinies of most people in this country.

She also learned that it is up to each of us to teach the Next Generation something that we have learned, no matter how small, especially things of value that can guide their path towards a more promising future.

Dr. Green created the Boss Doc Online in 2021. This online platform is used to reach and teach a broad range of people across economic, social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.

The accumulation of Dr. Green’s education and life experiences gave life to the online. An online platform to be used to share her knowledge, expertise, experiences, and wisdom with young and old. Passing knowledge is one of the greatest gifts that Dr. Green has to give and it is her pleasure to share this gift. Welcome to the Boss Doc Online.

$mart with Money

  • Teaches kids to save!

  • Encourages kids to make better $ choices!

  • Informs kids about credit!

  • Motivates kids to create a budget!

  • As fun as watching a cartoon!