Debt- A Detailed Explanation

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This lesson teaches kids how debt takes its toll on your finances. For this lesson, we focus on credit card debt; the most common and widely used form of debt.


After completing this lesson, your student will understand the difference between “good debt” and “bad debt” and have a greater appreciation for being “bad debt” averse. Kids will learn how to recognize when their spending habits are out of line with those of a person who understands how debt can cause long-term financial distress. By opening their eyes to how debt can be a “trap” kids are equipped with the knowledge they need to make better spending choices.

9 reviews for Debt- A Detailed Explanation

  1. Colby

    good course, really liked it

  2. Maina I

    Great course

  3. Omar Z

    We LOVE Maxine and the BossDOc. So much fun and knowledge

  4. Dianna M.

    Great value! And super inexpensive

  5. B.O.

    Super relevant, amazing lesson

  6. R.B

    Very useful and intersting course

  7. Joshua D.

    Thank you for this course. Is has been very helpful indeed

  8. Allen O.

    Great lesson

  9. Mrs Campbell

    Such a great course. Debt knowledge is so important in out society and you learn so many interesting facts and ways you can get sucked into debt

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